Book Review: Apocalypsis: Book 2, Warpaint

WarpaintTitle: Apocalypsis: Book 2, Warpaint (Apocalypsis #2)

Author: Elle Casey

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Blurb: My name’s Bryn Mathis. I’m seventeen years old, and I live in Kahayatle, otherwise known as The Everglades. I live with my three best friends and a tribe of Native American teens, because my dad died almost a year ago, along with all the other adults in the world.

We’re creating a whole new world for ourselves, but this world has problems. The biggest threat to our survival is not starvation anymore … it’s the gang of kids who lives nearby that has become more vicious than anyone could have imagined possible. The soulless demons have gone too far, and it’s time for us to rise up and do what needs to be done to set things right.

Alone, it might have been impossible; but now I’ve got friends. I’m worried though, that I won’t be able to get them ready to fight in time, and that we’re taking on more of a challenge than we can handle right now.

And I have no idea what might be waiting for us when we arrive on their front doorstep.

My Review: As many of you know I read and enjoyed Apocalypsis Book 1. So I anxiously jumped on it’s sequel. Did I have expectations? Absolutely. I was expecting some more full out laughs, a lot of action and to see more of what appeared to be a budding romance. Well, Casey does not disappoint.

Warpaint picks up where Kahayatle left off. Bryn and her family of four have found a home in the safety of the Kahayatle or in English: the Everglades. They have become friends with it’s natives but now have more on their minds than simply surviving. As the cannibals that filled readers with dread and suspense in book one, get closer to their home, Bryn must prepare them to defend themselves and fight.

Bryn continues to be the strong heroine I came to know and love. She is the same badass who keeps kicking ass and taking names. šŸ™‚ Casey keeps us laughing throughout the book and the reader is continuously treated to front row seats to great action scenes. The romance is definitely budding. It was sweet, and honest and very steamy. For those of you who are queasy about reading books with sex in it… Don’t worry, although steamy the happy couple don’t have intercourse.

I recently mentioned that the mystery surrounding Bodo left me with a feeling of foreboding… Well Bodo reveals all of his secrets in this novel and no, it’s not at all what I expected. He continues to be sweet, romantic and protective. Peter continues with his OCD tendencies. He also makes new friends and becomes an even stronger character than he was in Book 1.

I will be stopping here in the hopes of not spoiling this book for anyone. It is a great read. It is funny, action packed, romantic and a great story of survival and friendship and love.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


Book Review + Giveaway: Wrecked

Title: Wrecked

Author: Elle Casey

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Blurb: If you liked The Breakfast Club and The Swiss Family Robinson, you’ll love WRECKED! An ill-fated Caribbean cruise and four teenagers: a nerd, a jock, a mouse, and a beauty queenā€¦an island, a treehouse, some nefarious interlopersā€¦life and deathā€¦fear and loathingā€¦love and laughter. Follow Jonathan, Kevin, Candi and Sarah as they find their typical high school lives and their worlds totally WRECKED.

My Review: “This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S” Haha, I swear I’m done and just had to get it out of my system. (You’ll understand aft reading the book.) I’ll be honest and say that with the exception of Lord of the Flies that I read in my childhood and just vaguely remember, I haven’t read many stranded-on-an-island type books. But I absolutely love this novel! It has four very dynamic characters. A crazy story line. Lots of action, romance and humor.

For a quick synopsis: two families from opposite sides of the track go on a cruise together for business purposes. Their kids, each have two- a boy and a girl are polar opposites of each other. Their parents make them play nice and they are forced to spend time together. Yet one night amid an extreme storm these four kids end up stranded on an island. They adapt to their surroundings and learn how to survive. However, they have no idea of the danger they are in…

The story is very well set up and is truly a roller coaster of a ride. I absolutely love it! It was funny and I spent most of the book seriously LOLing. Casey follows her theme of keeping he readers laughing. It’s romantic and it is mostly PG-13- until they get it on. Then it is still PG-13 because it is done in it a very classy and non steamy way. šŸ˜‰ Kind of like: We started kissing, he looks me in the eyes and asks me if I’m sure and then we did it. It’s realistic and follows the natural order of things. After all it is our reality that teens out there are having sex and those that aren’t, there friends are doing it. Wrecked is exciting and keeps you on your toes, never knowing what to expect. The characters are pretty dynamic and undergo a lot of character development. The book ends and almost all of the characters are 180 from the who they started off as.

  • Jonathan- is a true nerd and he manages to have an explanation for everything. (I learned a few things from him.) He is confident and honest and a very analytical person.
  • Candi- is self conscious and one of those people who doesn’t see herself clearly. She is sweet and can be passive but protects the people she cares about.
  • Kevin- is the popular jock who’s really a nice guy.
  • Sarah- appears to be the conceited bitch. She pretends to be shallow and at first appears to be the epitome of a bitch. But turns out that she really is a thoughtful and caring person.

Wreck is a fun book to read. I am excited with Casey’s announcement of a sequel coming out. It’s funny and romantic and it’s unpredictable and action packed. Luckily Elle Casey is giving away two ebook copies of this book. You will therefore have an opportunity to see this for yourself. To enter just fill out the form below. The winner will be announced Sunday October 14th. You therefore have until the 13th to enter.