Book Review: After the Fall

Title: After the Fall (Clash of the Otherworlds #1)

Author: Elle Casey

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Blurb: The Light and Dark Fae have come together, a tenuous peace formed at the urging of the Overworld. Potty-mouthed teen, Jayne Sparks, and her fellow changeling friends find themselves once again in the middle of a maelstrom of conflict, mystery, and magic that they must struggle to not only understand but to overcome. Jayne Sparks Blackthorn hereby cordially invites you to follow her into the Gray…

*Clash of the Otherworlds continues where Elle Casey’s War of the Fae series left off

My Review: I find myself having a tough time reviewing books that come from a series. I feel limited in the sense that it’s harder to not provide spoilers. Like me being particularly emotional in Bella and Edwards wedding from Breaking Dawn and writing something to that effect. For someone who has read Eclipse they are already expecting this. However this will be a total spoiler for those who have only read Twilight or New Moon. Uhum… So I hope you understand my dilemma and my usual hope of not providing spoilers. Which for those of you who are unaware is why I tend to keep reviews about sequels short. However, I’ll admit I can’t help myself on this one. Those of you who have yet to finish reading the War of the Fae series or don’t enjoy **SPOILERS**, stop here. You have been warned.

After the Fall begins where War of the Fae ended. I was pretty much left not knowing what to expect. The Light and Dark Fae have united, Jayne and Ben got married and now they have a war with the Otherworlds to deal with.

In regards to Ben and Jayne, we all know how stubborn and head strong Jayne can be, but I was left feeling hopeful that things would work out between them with their steamy kiss, a few heartfelt promises and overall attitude at the end of New World Order. However, this book highlighted all of their problems and it seems to me that their relationship may not work out. First, Jayne is having a tough time getting over Chase. Then Ben can’t seem to make up his mind as to whether he is a possessive a-hole or a sweetheart. He changes moods as much as you would expect a PMS-ing girl would. The jury is still out on Ben. He needs to pick a side like who do his loyalties lie with? There is such a shroud of mystery around him and I’m honestly not sure if he’s a good or bad guy. But then I remember that Chase sanctioned their union and spirit has blessed it. Surely Chase would never marry her off to a traitor to their race right? Well, I guess we can say I keep going back and forth on this. I think we just need to learn a little more about him before we make up our mind about liking him.

Casey reveals more of Jayne’s heritage and she does in the most unexpected way. Then in regard to the ever hilarious Tim the Pixie, he is dealing with having his wife around and getting to know his son. I absolutely love his character and cannot possibly count the laughs I’ve had on his account. His son Willy is pretty awesome too and is also pretty funny; Especially with his spider nakie stuff. I seriously couldn’t get enough of it.

It turns out that Jayne has more potential that anyone could of ever imagined. Like… How about a major **SPOILER** now? Again, MAJOR SPOILER!!!! Our Jaynie girl can wield all four elements. That was a wowsers moment and the scene was exciting as hell. I’m still grinning like a madman over that amazing action scene.

After the Fall is a pretty intense book. The pace is fast, the action is intense and it is hilariously funny. I truly think that I would have ended up in a mental institution had I read this book in front of anyone outside of my family. I looked absolutely crazy with my wild reactions, burst of laughter and in my general excitement over this book. Good thing my family is used to me turning into a madman when there is a book in my hands… 😉

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


Character Interview: Tim the Pixie (War of the Fae)

I found this amazing character interview at Thank you Elle and Cege for this amazing interview and Cege for being so cool about me reposting it! I hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Well, this is a first for the Paranormal Book Beat. We are talking today with Tim the Pixie, who is featured in Elle Casey‘s War of the Fae book series! What is really fun is that Tim agreed to take questions from readers as well, and that was VERY revealing. Welcome to the blog, Tim!!


Tim is a light fae pixie who was caught and currently lives in the Green Forest, in Ardennes, France. He lives in the Light Fae compound with his roommate, Jayne Sparks, a formerly human, 17-year-old changeling elemental with a serious potty-mouth and a strong sense of loyalty. Tim is the first pixie in the history of the light fae to live out in the open with them, rather than being shuttled to a pixie colony for the safety of all other fae in the area.

Questions 1-9 for Tim are from readers of the series:

Q1. How do you make pixie dust and where do you keep it…do you have like a “dust pocket” in your shirt?
A1. No, don’t be silly. That would be too dangerous. Do you have any idea how powerful that stuff is? I shudder to think about what would happen if we just carried it around where someone could take it. Other fae would love to get their gritty fingers on it; like Maggie for instance. Don’t get me started on her and pixie wings. Actually, when pixies get overly alarmed, surprised not in a good way, or just decide to, they force it out of their bodies. Much like humans sweat. Then we just give ourselves a little shake and … well … you can ask Chase about the rest. If you can find him. He’s kind of … scarce these days. I hear he’s recovered, though.

Q2. Does the idea of having a son make you unbelievably happy…or give you further gastric issues? Will you have more children?
A2. It’s complicated. But ultimately, I’m extremely happy; and yes, maybe we’ll have more. You’ll have to interview Abby for that. She’s the boss of the bedroom. Did Jayne tell you to ask me about my gastric issues? That would be just like her, sharing things better left unshared. She has absolutely no boundaries. Did you know she snores? Very loudly, in fact. Wakes me up all the time. She also has very bad morning breath. Terrible stuff.

Q3. Is there any particular genetic reason you have such bad gas? Perhaps a self-defense mechanism that has been bred out over centuries of easy living, turning into plain flatulence? And what do pixie farts sound like?
A3. More gas questions. Wow. I’ve spent some time around humans, but I had no idea they were so obsessed with the baser bodily functions. Normally, I’d just ignore you, but you bring up an interesting concept that actually has me intrigued. I think I’m going to try and use my gas as a weapon and see what happens. Thank you for the idea. I’ll be sure to tell Jayne that Aidan from Australia told me to do it. Oh, and you want to know what they sound like? Here … try this one on for size … *Tim laughs hysterically while holding his stomach*

Q4. Do you find pixie sticks offensive?
A4. No. It just reminds me how ignorant humans can be sometimes. *sigh* They see something tiny and gorgeous like me and assume I’m as sweet as a striped little paper tube full of sugar. When what they really should see is an atomic bomb of awesomeness with deadly magic inside. Trust me … you don’t want to tangle with The Tim.

Q5. I don’t have a question. Just, thanks for the laughs and for teaching me some new words.
A5. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Q6. What was it like working with Elle Casey?
A6. Well, she’s adorable of course. But she can be quite nosey too, so that balances things out to the point that I can only take so many of her questions before I’m like, “Okay, Elle, talk to the butt, I have things to do.” I know she wrote some books with me in them, but I can’t say as I’ve read them. They don’t make Kindles for pixies yet; but I hear Amazon is working on it. She’s told me I’m pretty much the hero of the entire thing, so of course, she gets points for realism and recognizing greatness when she sees it. I pretty much carry the series, I guess.

Q7. What would you change about yourself if you could change anything? If you could change bodies with any of your friends, who would it be?
A7. That’s a joke right? Have you seen me? I mean, the only large fae who comes close to me in magnetism is Chase; and well, he has these appendages on his back now that are just a big big for my taste. I prefer being small and powerful to being big and oafish. Please don’t tell the larger fae I said that. They can be sensitive about their size.

Q8. What is your favorite song?
A8. “Awesome is as Awesome Does” by Tim and The Pixies. Yes, that’s right. I was in a band. Lead singer, naturally.

Q9. Do you think Jayne will be a good influence on your son?
A9. Well, overall yes. She’s got a good heart. Her mouth could use a little cleaning up, but I guess it’s part of her charm, so I don’t hold that against her. She’s gentle enough with injured pixies, so I suspect she’ll be good with baby ones. And my wife likes her, so that’s half the battle won right there. Pixie women are very, very bossy. I’ve always though it’s possible Jayne was a pixie in her last life.

Q10. Who did you most like to spend time with, at the light fae or dark fae compounds? And have you ever liked Jayne as more than a friend?
A10. Well, I am married, so I should probably say my wife, right? And I have a son now too. But for a long time, when I thought my wife was evil incarnate and didn’t know I had a son, my favorite was Jayne. She was my roomie, still is, actually. Despite the fact that she has dragon breath in the morning, snores, is quite bossy, and doesn’t know her butt from her face half the time when it comes to using her powers, well, she’s fun to be around. Plus she’s an excellent pack mule when my wings are missing. As to the second part of your question, the answer is a definite NO. Jayne is gorgeous, obviously. But practically speaking, her boobs are the size of pixie houses. What am I going to do with one of those? Plus she’s just a baby at seventeen. That would be taking cradle robbing to all new and very disgusting heights. She has her hands full anyway. No way could she handle *this*.

Q11. Who do you least like to spend time with?
A11. Maggie the witch. Horrid woman. Just horrid. Ugly? Ohhh, yes. As sin. Evil. You’ve heard about Hansel and Gretel haven’t you? Poor kids…

Q12. Can you please give us a synopsis of the War of the Fae series by Elle Casey?
A12. Well, like I said, they don’t make Kindles in pixie size yet, but from what I hear it’s a four book series that features a bunch of stupid human kids who get turned into fae and then find this fabulously handsome and incredibly intelligent pixie being unfairly persecuted by the light fae, rescue him, and then go on to kick some serious ass in the forest. I’m the star of it. That’s pretty much it, I think. I could give you my autograph if you want, but it’s pretty small. I’m sure it’ll be valuable someday. You could probably sell it on eBay. *oops* Excuse me! It’s the fruit! I swear! [exit Tim, flying away and laughing his ass off]

Thanks for stopping by, Tim! It’s been a….gas. 😉

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Thank you to the lovely Elle Casey for arranging this interview!

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