What To Expect When Reading My Reviews

The biggest thing you should expect from me and my reviews is honesty. My reviews come from me and me alone. I am not influenced by anyone nor am I paid to review books. With that being said, I am usually very emotional about reading (you know either jumping up and down in my excitement or throwing books down in my frustration) and therefore tend to be emotional with my reviews. Also, I will admit that I have been known to rant.

I will give a rating of the books I read from one to five stars and will then explain why I gave it that rating.

What My Rating Means

5 Stars– Absolutely love this book! Will definitely re-read and will make a part of my book collection.
4 Stars– This book was a great read will likely re-read and may or may not purchase.
3 Stars– It was mostly a good read for me but I had some issues with it. It was just good enough that I enjoyed it and don’t regret reading it. I am not likely to re-read this book.
2 Stars– I’m not sure how I managed to finish this book. Not necessarily a bad book- just one I didn’t enjoy. Most likely had an interesting enough something to keep me reading: Scenes, concept, story line, etc. Not a book I am likely to recommend.
1 Star– I absolutely disliked this book, would never recommend and hated wasting away hours of my life reading this.

Review/Author Spotlight Requests

I am open to review requests from both readers and authors. However, I will only consider Young Adult novels and only works of fiction. I will also consider most genres but am weary of horror. If you are interested in sending me a review request please include the following information: Your name, Your email, Your Goodreads link (if you have one), the Goodreads link to the book, and a Link to the book on Amazon or B&N’s. Also state if you are a fellow reader or an author. If I accept, I will send you a scheduled date in which time I will post my review.

2 thoughts on “Policy/Ratings

  1. Your blog is lovely (: i enjoyed reading your reviews & seeing your opinion on the books you’ve read. The reviews seem very honest just like you said readers should expect! It has gotten me interested in checking out some of the books myself. I can’t wait to see your blog grow & progress. Keep up the good work! Will definately be re-visiting the sight often!

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