Pass It Along Giveaway
Recently, I found a 12 book giveaway over at I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. While I don’t remember why I decided to enter- It’s not like my TBR shelf needs any fluffing up. Regardless, I won and now have these 12 additional books collecting dust on my bookshelf. If I were any good with animation I would of created a banner :), either way I am dubbing this one the “Pass It Along” Giveaway. To read more on the specifics of this giveaway from I Am A Reader Click Here.


This Rafflecopter giveaway will be limited to the US (Sorry Guys!). That’s 12 books to one winner. To Enter Click Here. Good Luck!

What is the BotM Giveaway? Every month I will pick the book that I enjoyed reading the most in the previous month. The giveaway will last all month. The first of the month will be used to notify and announce the winner and to name the next BoTM.

*Please note: I ask that entrants be at least 13 years old and have permission to participate from a parent or guardian if you are under 18! If you win and choose a physical book I will need your mailing address, so please ASK FIRST!

Disclaimer: All winners have a maximum of 48 hours to claim their prize before it is automatically forfeited.


18 thoughts on “Giveaways

    • Hi Yzabel! I’m sorry to say that the August book of the month is not open to international shipping… There’s always ebook though. I plan on making that an option within the coming months.

      • Ah, too bad. Good thing I asked then!
        (This book is on my to-buy list anyway, but to be honest, I’m more interested in the paperback than the ebook, because I really like that cover… Shallow, I know. ^^)

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