BEA Day 1 (For me)

I gotta say, I had an absolutely amazing day today. Exhausting, but amazing. I meant to post earlier, but knocked out as soon as I got in. So here’s what I got:

I’ll be honest. I went in with a little stash expecting to have to pay for my books and was overly excited when I realized they were free. Seriously guys, I think I went overboard. I came home with a little over 40 books and have no clue what more than half if them are about…

20130531-000750.jpgI felt like a total groupie today. I was over excited and begging for extra signed copies and pictures. P.S. Kendare Blake was awesome.

20130531-000912.jpgI know I look super dorky, but imagine what Ally Carter thought of me! She was really sweet btw.

20130531-001110.jpgMeeting Veronica Rossi was ultimately humiliating for me. She was super sweet and making an attempt to talk and connect with her readers. Well dumb dumb here froze up and her attempt at conversation was met up with, “I just want a signature.” She clearly felt dismissed and I’ve been kicking myself in the butt all day after that. Definitely made an attempt to be friendlier after that.

20130531-001347.jpgWell that was until I met Veronica Roth. She was very friendly and definitely was making an attempt to hear my rambling. Well until I told her that I did not enjoy Insurgent. Um… You could see the light leaving her eyes… Yet she was still friendly and nice. She said that she’s excited to see what her readers think of Divergent’s final book.

20130531-001722.jpgLauren Oliver was really cool. There was a “no pictures” policy, I tried to take this one on the sly. Sorry for the bad quality.

After this I stopped taking pictures but also met Lauren Kate, Abbi Glines, Linda Lael Miller and a few others.

So, yeah, I felt like a total groupie but had an amazing time. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I have no clue how I’m going to make it home and travel with all of these books but am loving every minute of it.


7 thoughts on “BEA Day 1 (For me)

  1. That has happened to me before! I meet authors, freeze up and just end up walking away after they sign my books. I end up feeling bad after…. Great stash, and you met Kendare Blake! I love “Anna Dressed in Blood”

  2. Wait, what? The books were free? Please explain how that is possible! I totally know what you mean about being a nervous groupie. I try to come up with something to say so when I get up to them I don’t go “um ugh I uhg sorry.”

    • Lol… I’ve been trying to not embarrass myself today and have mostly succeeded. 🙂 but yes, all the books are free. Well they have vendors here but the publishers are giving them away. ARCs and signed copies alike. I think what I paid for tickets I’ve gotten three times over in books.

    • Publishers like to get buzz going about upcoming books so they do give out tons of free books. It’s nice. Glad you had fun, Tiffany, and don’t even worry about being nervous. It’s crazy talking to authors you love! Remember they’re just people too, and 98% of them will love you just for being a fan. They rely on individual readers even more than actors rely on movie-watchers so they’re usually super flatter you’ve read/heard of their books and super nice to boot!

      PS the other 2% are either too famous/uppity to be nice to fans or they’re inverted and bookish and nervous around people!

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