Book Review: Ascended by Debra Ann Miller

AscendedTitle: Ascended (Fallen Guardian Saga #2)

Author: Debra Ann Miller

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Blurb: When Vie and Carter set out to complete their mission, neither could have ever imagined being separated from each other.

Vie is feeling completely alone in The Gates, just barely going through the motions. Gabriel, her closest friend, tries to distract her with the news of a possible traitor in their own backyard. While Vie longs to be back on Earth with her love, she knows the danger that this traitor could bring, and sets her mind to drawing them out to protect the people she loves.

Carter is left alone on Earth clinging to the empty vessel that used to contain his love, unable to let go and move on. Carter starts putting the events of the past few weeks together and realizes something more is going on.

All the while Lucian is working up a plan to keep Vivian’s soul and get everything he’s always wanted, including revenge against Vie and anyone she’s ever loved.

With both Vie and Carter working to find out what is going on in their respective worlds and defeat Lucian, will they ever be able to find their way back to each other?

My Review: Ascended picks up where Descended left off. Carter and Vie have been separated and miss each other desperately. The story is once again told in third person POV allowing for the reader to better understand the characters. With that being said their pain was real and just confirms to the reader how they truly are soul mates. Then after a chapter or two, the story really starts. I mean plot twist after plot twist, one reveal after another, and the same wide array of amazing characters keep us intrigued and amazed.

Ascended really isn’t that long yet it’s a fast paced novel and so much happens. But here is the part where I tell you what I didn’t like. Sadly, I had trouble connecting to the story. It truly was amazing and in a way, way better than Descended. Yet not being able to emotionally connect to the story, kept me from being able to love it.

So all in all, an amazing story. It is well written, has lots of action, has the recurring themes of friendship, family and love that I loved so much in Descended and an unpredictable story line that always keeps you guessing. Again, it was amazing but not being able to connect with it kept me from falling in love with the story or its characters.

*I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.


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