Author Interview: David Estes

Thank you David for granting me this amazing interview. Yes, I am patting myself on the back here. 😉 I really think we have done a great job collaborating to make this possible and I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did.

Q: How did your love of literature come about?
A: First off, thanks for having me come on your blog to answer some questions. Great first question! I fell in love with books at a really young age. I really have to credit my mom, because she started reading to me when I was too little to read on my own. She was a great storyteller and sometimes made up her own stories, many of which could have been made into books!

As soon as I learned to read, I grabbed every book in sight, devouring them like cupcakes! I even won a contest in second grade by reading the most books! By age eight I’d read The Lord of the Rings half a dozen times, and by twelve I’d read every Agatha Christie book my dad had.

I never looked back and as I grew up and went out on my own, my favorite place to go was the library. I’m a book-addicted nerd through and through!

Q: What inspires you most to write?
A: I love storytelling and bringing out emotions in people. There’s a certain thrill to having a story to tell and then telling it to the best of your ability. Shaping character’s lives, putting roadblocks in their way and then letting them tear them down is so fulfilling. And I love that feeling at the end of a long writing session when I know I’ve written the scene the way I wanted them to be. Of course, when my readers finish one of my books and tell me they cried or laughed or were on the edge of their seats, well, that makes all the long hours and stress more than worth it!

David EstesQ: As you are now a full time writer, what would you say is the best part of living your dream?
A: Wow, tough question, because there are so many awesome things about it! I like the way you said it—“living your dream”—because that’s really what it is for me. The best part is waking up and knowing I have readers who actually care about what I’m about to create. When I open my laptop, a cup of coffee beside me, pondering worlds beyond our own, worlds that are only in my head, I know that I’m doing it for my readers, many of whom are friends.

Q: You have written both children’s and YA novels. Was aspect of the transition of writing in these two categories was the most difficult to overcome?
A: The characters’ voices. While writing you always have to be mindful of whom your audience is. Ensuring that your younger characters actually sound their age is crucial and can be extremely challenging if you’re switching between young adult and children’s on a regular basis. But that’s all part of the fun of it!

Q: Congratulations on having reached and surpassed your one million word count. Now that you have overcome that right of passage as a published author, what hurdle are you planning to overcome next?
A: Wow, thank you very very much! It was a huge milestone for me, not only because of the experience I gained along the way, but also because it increased the size of my backlist to 8 YA books and 4 children’s. Having such a variety of books under my name really helps to increase my readership. My next hurdle is finding a publisher. Although I love many many aspects of being an Indie author and am so excited I’m able to do it fulltime, I would love to partner with a publisher that shares my vision to get my books out to an even broader audience.

Q: What can we expect to see from you in the future?
A: If there’s one thing that’s certain for me, it’s that I’m always in the middle of a new project while trying to publish my old projects. Well, given I’ve just published the sequel to Fire Country, I’m working on the third book in the series, Water & Storm Country. The first draft is complete and with my beta readers, so I’m just waiting in anticipation for their feedback. To keep me occupied while I wait, I’ve begun work on the 4th book in the Dwellers Saga, which will consequently double as the 4th book in The Country Saga. Because the two sagas are sister series, they’ll come crashing together in the 7th and final book in the combined series, titled The Earth Dwellers.

After that, I’ve got plenty of ideas for my next series, but one in particular stands out; however, I can’t be too forthcoming with information at this time. Just know it has an awesome title and will combine more than one genre within YA! I’m more excited about my new series than anything else I’ve written so far!

Q: If you can have one lasting impression on your readers what would you want it to be?
A: That I’m just like them! My Goodreads fan group, which has grown to over 1,200 members, doubles as a YA Book Lovers Group, because first and foremost I’m a lover of books. Just because I write books doesn’t mean I’m any different from my readers. I get excited about new book releases, cry at the sad parts, and laugh at funny lines. That’s why I’m so interactive with my readers, chatting with them every day. I feel like I get way more out of the relationships than they ever could from me writing a few books for them.

Q: Being that you are now in the Spotlight, are there any parting thoughts you would like to share?
A: Just that I feel privileged to have met so many awesome people, like you, from my journey to become a fulltime Indie author. No, more than privileged—blessed. The people I’ve met along the way have proven in a million ways that there are good people in this world who are selfless, kind, funny, and down to earth. I love all of you!

Q: Where can your readers follow you?
A: Thank you so much for having me on your awesome blog!! I pledged when I started writing to always respond to readers, and love getting comments and questions, so please contact me using one of my favorite social networking sites below. As always, happy reading!!

Where you can find David Estes hanging out:
Goodreads Fan Group:
Facebook page:
Goodreads author page:

Other YA Books by David Estes!
The Dwellers Saga:
Book One—The Moon Dwellers
Book Two—The Star Dwellers
Book Three—The Sun Dwellers
Book Four—The Earth Dwellers (coming September 2013!)

The Country Saga:
Book One—Fire Country
Book Two—Ice Country
Book Three—Water and Storm Country (coming June 6 2013!)

The Evolution Trilogy
Book One- Angel Evolution
Book Two- Demon Evolution
Book Three- Archangel Evolution

Children’s Books by David Estes
The Nikki Powergloves Adventures:
Nikki Powergloves- A Hero is Born
Nikki Powergloves and the Power Council
Nikki Powergloves and the Power Trappers
Nikki Powergloves and the Great Adventure
Nikki Powergloves vs. the Power Outlaws (Coming in 2013!)


2 thoughts on “Author Interview: David Estes

  1. Awesome interview. David knows how much I love him and his work. He’s so great! Keep up the great writing David. I am always looking forward to what you have planned for the future!

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