Change on the horizon… Yes- me and politics.

Have you guys come to expect all sorts of post from me? I’m not really sure what each of you will answer to that… But, I’m hoping you guys will bear with me will I delve into a bit of politics.

There is quite a bit of controversy going all over the internet because Amazon purchased Goodreads. Quite a big deal. My first reaction was wondering what would happen to my beloved site with pink slips exchanging hands. Well, if you are within that number, rest assured. Amazon was said to have shared in the vision of what Goodreads was meant to be and plans to leave its original staff in place to continue their work and vision. In fact, as of yet, it seems that Amazons main intention is to enhance recommendations to include Amazon’s database.

Well here is where it gets good. Apparently, after a few hiccups three of the worlds biggest publishing houses (Penguin, Hachette and Simon & Schuster) have joined forces and launched Bookish. Not necessarily like Goodreads… Well maybe a little. It’s just missing the social aspect of it. They are good on recommendations, interviews, author bios, etc. The launch of Bookish seems to have been taken by Amazon to be a declaration of war, prompting them to buy Goodreads. At least that is the insinuation. Well delving deeper into this apparent rivalry, I found a bit of intriguing information.

First, publishing houses around the world have collaboratively had their panties in a bunch and mutually dislike Amazon for making self publishing so mainstream. I’d say there’s a bit of pissing contest going on there. Second, Amazon has been in a bit of controversy and it seems they have an impending lawsuit. What for you ask? Monopoly. No not the board game. They are accused of monopolizing the self publishing industry. *Nodding my head with understanding* Yeah, I get that. Not that I have enough specifics to know whether that accusation holds water, I do however understand why other websites feel they can’t compete with Amazon…

Now, back to Goodreads. There is much speculation of what Amazon will do with Goodreads in the long run. After all, it hardly makes sense for them to be ok with owning a company that sends readers to dozens of websites to purchase their preferred book. As of now, we appear to be safe, from that changing. While being accused of monopolizing the industry, it hardly seems logical to confirm their claims by being the only available retailer across Goodreads.

Well I believe that we have a lot to watch out for. I see changes coming in the Goodreads horizon.


4 thoughts on “Change on the horizon… Yes- me and politics.

  1. You mention the one issue I have with Amazon–monopolization. The Goodreads purchase really nailed that one into me, after all they already took over LibraryThing, and they have Shelfari–which is the SAME exact thing as Goodreads, but no where near as popular. My thought on this had more to do with the fact that Goodreads was working on integrating book purchasing into it’s website for self-published authors. That would mean that readers would never have to leave the Goodreads site to purchase the new self-pubbed author they just discovered. I really LOVED the idea. I was so on the band wagon–Amazon caught wind of it. This would be a HUGE threat to Amazon, so in my mind, this purchase was their way of taking it down. Now they own Goodreads, and sometimes I feel like they own me. They say the price match–but they don’t. They don’t want self-published authors to sell their books for free without using KDP. KDP is all about monopolizing the self-publishing market. It locks the author in for three months with no way out. I really hope that Amazon doesn’t start changing the things I do love about Goodreads–specifically the review feature–the fact I don’t have to write a review to star a book. Only time will tell what this means for readers, but as an author, I am much more worried on that front.

    • Cassandra, thank you so much for your comment! I was sadly very unawares of most of the things you mentioned. I guess I was truly just thinking of it from a readers point of view. I hope they don’t change Goodreads either but can definitely see them putting a stop to book selling from Goodreads directly. As an update though, they swear (Amazon) that they will not be changing anything on Goodreads. They simply purchased it to have a better database and insights into readers and their trends. “Today, the publishing industry survives on super fans — book worms who read far more than most Americans, and who tell their friends what to read as well. By picking up Goodreads, Amazon gets to tap into those super fans. Simple.” I’m not sure how long that’ll be the case though…

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