Book Review: Guardians of the Akasha

gaurdians of the akashaTitle: Guardians of the Akasha

Author: Celia Stander

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Blurb: Eighteen-year old Keira Wilde has finished school and is determined to make her own plans for her future, thank you very much. She wants to be a photographer; not go to Oxford, like her parents want, or be a hero, like her aunt wants. But Keira’s plans go flying out of the window when she is attacked on the streets of London and she is forced to use her powers in self-defense.

Unfortunately, her actions attract the attention of a predator intent on using her…or destroying her. Preferring to be neither used nor destroyed, Keira takes charge of her destiny and enters the hidden world of the Guardians of the Akasha.

Fighting side by side with the battle-scarred Marco Santana, they race from London to Argentina and a castle in the forests of the Czech Republic to find the source of all knowledge and prevent the fabric of time from unraveling.

My Review: Keira Wilde has just graduated from high school and wishes to fulfill her dream of traveling the world with her camera in tow. This is all a possibility if she can manage to confront her parents and break out of the mold they have created for her. But fate intervenes and she is forced to face a destiny she never imagined possible.

Guardians of the Akasha is a great action adventure novel. The story, although frequently being told from multiple points of view, revolves around Keira. Which by the way, I really enjoyed her character. She was a pretty strong character that even through betrayal, attacks, loss and isolation never loss her sense of self. She was a joy to read about and she constantly impressed me.

As I said, there were multiple POVs. The story is mostly narrated by Keira but there are constant shifts so that the reader has a kind of birds eye view of what’s going on in the story. Truth be told, it was something I really liked- most of the time. Overall, the effect of shifting POVs was a definite bonus for me as a reader. I loved knowing what was happening on such a wide scale. However, there were plenty of times that I was really into the story- the romance, the action, and then the narrator would change and so would the pace of the story. It created a lull in the story that I came to dislike. So if you haven’t picked up on it yet, I definitely had a love- hate relationship going on there. Yet to be fair the closer the story gets to the climax, this ceases to be an issue. Plus, although all of the above is a fact for me the biggest truth here is that I hated the spotlight being taken from Keira and Marco. I loved their story so much and I hated being diverted from it- at first.

So… Yeah. Marco. Pretty hot stuff. If I assigned grades to authors, Stander would have scored an A on HOT love interests. I loved Keira’s attraction to him and their chemistry. The tension between the two was entertaining to say the least and their developed trust in each other was sweet. At the end of it all, I wish the book had been longer. I believe Keira’s character was very well developed but her relationship with Marco was not. The chemistry was there and I loved that. Yet they had a romance that could of rivaled that of classics and I feel that Stander just barely scratched the surface.

Ok, as my last complaint for this novel, there were ALOT of characters and I had difficulty keeping up with all of them. Seriously, it was like a game of Where’s Waldo for me. I would have to sit there blankly staring at the page trying to jog my memory to remember a name. It was mostly a successful venture. Yet here I am having finished the novel and am still asking myself ‘who is Chetan?’ I don’t blame Stander as I could be to blame for rushing through the beginning. I truthfully think that if I were to read this novel a second time I would probably fall on love with it and be raving about it with 5 Stars.

I believe Stander has done a great job with this novel. With an array of great characters, an epic battle of good vs evil, a spark of romance and a unique premise Stander leaves you satisfied yet yearning for more. Stander is a great storyteller. I am looking forward to the sequel and reading more of her work.

*I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review


6 thoughts on “Book Review: Guardians of the Akasha

    • Thanks Cassandra! I can’t say that I’m a big fan either. Especially at the beginning of the novel. But it got better. By the end of the novel, I was enjoying the shifting POV… Yeah, I’m a bit hot and cold here. 🙂

  1. I’m not a fan of shifting pov but it depends on how it’s done and how often. If it changes from section to section or chapter to chapter, then great but within the same paragraph, it throws me out of the story. But with that said, I think the book sounds wonderful and I absolutely love the cover. It will be added to my wish list. Great review!

    • Thank you Donna Jean! I completely agree with you. Sometimes shifting points of view can be really confusing and take away from a novel. I’ve read various books using the method you describe. I would have to go back and start the section over realizing that there was a character change and I didn’t even catch on….

      I think Stander does it well though. She separates each shift so that you are aware of where it starts and ends.

      I hope you enjoy the book and look forward to reading your review.

  2. Hi Tiffany, thanks for taking the time to read and review my novel. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I’m taking your comments to mind while writing the second book. Have a great day! Regards, Celia.

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