Author Spotlight: James Agee Jr.

Have you guys gotten used to seeing one Spotlighted Author a month? This month, I’ll be shaking things up a bit. You guys got to know Cassandra Giovanni the first half of the month and this second half of the month we will have the pleasure of getting to know James Agee Jr. He is the author of two published works: Mask City, a novel, and Jim a short story. James loves coffee, blogging, photography, movies, art and many other things.

James Agee Jr

I have always imagined that there is more to the average than meets the eye. In fact, the average is what interest me the most. I can take a simple leaf and devise a complex past and future for it without having to compromise it’s current state of being normal, the power of imagination is great. Sharing the world that I see with others through literary works and written accounts, be they true or fictitious, is a passion and duty of mine.


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