Spotlight Interview: Cassandra Giovanni

1. As a child what did you wish to be when you grew up? A writer, and at one point a vet, farrier and a professional jockey (I went through a horse phase, but throughout it I always wanted to be a writer)
2. What’s your favorite movie of all time? Oh, I don’t know. Comedy: Easy A; Drama: Sherlock Holmes (the first one); Jane Austen Movie: Emma
3. Who is your favorite author? Jane Austen
4. What is your favorite pastime? Photography and advertisement design
5. What is one of your favorite quotes?. “Being human explains everything, but excuses nothing.”

Q: What led you to sit down and write your first novel?
A: I was fifteen, and the thing about writing for me is, if I don’t do it, it drives me insane. I literally can’t think of anything else, and I have to write it. I have about 5 novels that I started that way, but never developed into anything, then I have the ones that did. I love those ones. I wrote my first full length novel when I was fifteen as well. It was about a girl who loved horses and dirt bikes and you better believe there was a hot guy thrown in there.cassandra giovanni

Q: You are the author of two published novels: Walking in the Shadows and In Between Seasons. Which has been the hardest for you to write and why?
A: Honestly, writing usually flows out of me naturally, but with In Between Seasons when I edited it I kind of lost touch with my complete writer. I was reading a lot of “edit yourself into print” books and in the end I cropped out who I really was. I learned a lot with that novel, though, about whom I was as a writer and to stand up for what I really thought was right. I also learned to keep every copy of my original novel once I started the editing process because I don’t have the original version, so I can’t really compare it to anything. I still think In Between Seasons is a great book, and I am definitely a “show not tell” writer, but could it have been better? Yes. Could Walking in the Shadows be better? Yes. Could whatever I publish next be better? Yes. Nothing that is published is ever perfect, but we can try to get as close to it as possible. I aim to show continually growth throughout each novel I publish and to designate myself as a unique writer that you know it’s Cassie Gio when you pick it up.

Q: What are you currently working on at the moment?
A: Muahaha. That’s a secret! 😉 I was working on my first New Adult novel, Let the Fates Decide until I woke up one day from a dream and HAD to write it. Now, my fingers are on fire, and that’s why I got up at 4 AM today because I don’t have enough time for anything and I need to write, for my sanity, of course.

Q: To date, what has been your favorite thing about being a published writer?
A: Connecting with readers—I cannot say how much I value my readers, and the realization that people “fan” me. I literally do a little dance each time someone “fans” me on Goodreads. It feels absolutely amazing. A few weeks ago one of the clubs I am involved in ran an interview with me and then readers started to comment, and it was so great to get to talk to people who want to read my novels, to hear their thoughts and communicate with their enthusiasm. I’ve actually copied the whole thread and keep it here to remind me when it gets tough, why I am doing this.

Q: If you can have one lasting impression on your readers what would you want it to be?
A: That hard work will eventually get you were you want to be. Am I there yet? No, but I hard pressed believe that my drive will get me there someday. You can’t forget why you are doing something, and you need a good support system to keep you grounded. When I get stressed my husband reminds me why he stopped playing music, and that he doesn’t want that to happen to me. My mentor is only a phone call away when I get a bad review, and my parents are saints. As readers, realize how very important you are to the author, especially indie authors like myself. You can make our careers catch on fire.

Q: Lastly, being that you are now in the Spotlight, are there any parting thoughts you would like to share?
A: Wow, I think that personal advice is to do what you have to, but always make room for what you love. Work hard, and you will get there even if it’s slow, it will be worth it in the end.

Q: Where can readers follow you?
And on Goodreads:


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