Book Review: Swords & Sails

Title: Swords & Sails: The Legacy of the Red Lion

Author: David McAvoy II

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Blurb: Edward Reynolds hates his life in the seaside village of Danscum and spends his time trying to figure out a way to see the world on the high seas. Then, one night, Edward finds himself taken aboard the pirate ship the Cerberus, captained by the feared Captain Wolfang. Edward soon finds himself sailing the world searching for a mysterious treasure his father left behind, a treasure Edward is determined to find if he can survive long enough to do so.

My Review: Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Picture a Harry Potter like boy. One who’s only living relatives treat him terribly and is clearly unwanted. One who yearns to escape and when he finally does finds himself in a magical world. No not of wizards- of pirates. In Swords & Sails McAvoy writes a magical tale of a young man loving and hating, making friends and enemies, finding himself and learning his heritage. All in a impossible to put down, action packed package.

Swords & Sails has a wide array of great characters. Some you love, some you hate and some you have no idea what to think.

  • Edward, the protagonist, is a strong character. He is honest and headstrong and fights for what he believes in. He reminded me a lot of Harry and is an easy character to like and understand.
  • Wolfang was my favorite character. He has a notorious reputation and is feared and/or respected by everyone. He comes off as crude and mean but as the novel progresses we see that there is more to him. He is a man full of contradictions and I came to really enjoy and care about his character.
  • From the very first page, McAvoy captured my interest and through out the novel- I not once found myself bored or frustrated. Swords & Sails is a novel that can be devoured by both teens and adults. As magical as the world McAvoy presents to us is, it’s breathtaking and oddly realistic. He does a great job of transferring the reader into this world and we live these adventures along with Edward.

    *I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review


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