Book Review: Darkness and Light

Title: Darkness and Light (War of the Fae #3)

Author: Elle Casey

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Blurb: The animosity between Darkness & Light continues to grow, as do Jayne’s supernatural, elemental abilities in the Green Forest. Long-lost friends arrive, new friends leave, passion burns, and mysteries abound. What is Light and what is Dark? Who can the Light Fae trust? Who will be left standing in the end and whose side will they be on? Nothing is ever as it seems, and all is fair in love and War of the Fae.

My Review: I plan on keeping this review short… Lets see if this works out.

Elle Casey does not disappoint with Darkness and Light. I really enjoyed this novel and laughed more in this one than I have in any of Casey’s other novels. Which considering everything, is no easy feat. This book took me through many highs and lows- I cried from laughter and I cried from sadness. It was well written and I loved the action and the great plot twists. The only reason I am not giving it five stars is due to a lull a few chapters into the book. The pace of the book considerable slowed and I was a bit bored by it. After all, I have gotten used to Casey’s fast pace and am considering the idea that she has spoiled her readers with it.

Darkness and Light is a great continuation to the series. It was impossible to put down and I loved the stage that has been set and cannot wait for the last installment, which I’m sure will show the final battle of the War of the Fae.


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