October’s Author Spotlight: Elle Casey

As many of you know, this is my second month doing the Author Spotlight. When I introduced our previous Spotlighted Author, Margaret Chatwin, I mentioned that there were two people that inspired me to start this Spotlight as you guys have already met Miss Chatwin, allow me the pleasure to introduce Elle Casey. In her words from her blog:

Hi. I’m Elle Casey, a writer who in her spare time is also a lawyer, professor, mother, and wife (and not necessarily in that order). I’d love to be writing fiction full time – and I’m nearly there, so please, become a fan!

Okay, more about me. I’ve been reading since I was 4 and have read probably over a couple thousand books in my lifetime. I love books!! I can’t tell you how many things I’ve not gotten done because I was too busy reading and how many nights I’ve stayed up until the sun began to rise, finishing up a good book. I burned out lots and lots of flashlight batteries as a kid, hiding under the covers way past my bedtime.

I don’t have much time for reading these days, what with all the writing I’ve been doing; but my favorite genres are fantasy/paranormal, dystopian/post-apocalyptic, thriller, horror – though not so much anymore, but when I was younger, Stephen King was my guy – romance, literary fiction … okay, so I like most of ‘em.

My first writing venture began in junior high. My buddy Kim and I had this notebook we would take turns writing notes to each other in, trading it back and forth between classes. It was decorated with stickers and designs done in paint pen. We used it to chat back and forth, gossip about teachers, boys, etc. It was IMing and texting, 25 years before that stuff was even invented. We were so ahead of that curve, it wasn’t even funny.

I started writing a romance novel in this notebook for my friend Kim, who had an unrequited crush on this guy named Kevin. Each day she’d beg me for a new chapter. The life I created for her in our notebook far exceeded the enjoyment she was receiving in the real world. But like all good stories, it had to come to an end. That happened when she dropped the notebook in a puddle on the way to school one day. It’s probably no surprise that one of the male characters in my first book is named Kevin, and the other, the name of my first crush from pre-school – where I learned to read.

Fast forward to adulthood. Two years ago I threw all caution to the wind, checked out of corporate life, and moved the family to southern France where I now live with my husband, three children and two dogs – surrounded by vineyards, ancient Roman ruins, and wonderful, warm people I am proud to call friends. I still have a work life where I do my lawyer thing and university professor thing. I blog. I email. I read when I can.

I decided last year after finishing up my first novel (a year-long odyssey of unfocused fits and starts) that I have no patience for the traditional publishing process; I didn’t even bother to submit any of my work to agents or publishers. Instead, I went the e-publishing route that so many before me have already taken. (Thank you, pioneers!) And guess what … I’ve got readers! Yay me! As soon as my first book began to sell, I started focusing all of my free time on writing. I am a prolific writer and have been accused of being a cyborg, publishing on average one book per month. I’m not saying either way whether it’s true…

Fast forward to now. I finished my first novel, Wrecked and published it in January. February saw the launch of my second book The Changelings, part of a 4-book YA Fantasy series called War of the Fae. The second book in the series Call to Arms was published the first week of March and the third book Darkness & Light was published at the end of March. The last of that series New World Order was published in April 2012. I published my first novella, My Vampire Summer, in March; it’s part of a series called Vampire Seasons. Recently I’ve published 3 of the 4-book post-apocalyptic series Apocalypsis: Kahayatle and Warpaint. Book 4 will be published in the first quarter of 2013. I recently finished Book 1 of a new series, Clash of the Otherworlds, called After the Fall. Book 2 will be out on October 31st and Book 3 on November 30th.

Phew! I’ve been busy. And I’m not nearly done with this year’s line-up. I have the next two books in Clash of the Otherworlds to finish, a sequel to Wrecked called Reckless coming, two more novellas in the Vampire Seasons series, and another chick lit book in the Desperate Measures Trilogy scheduled for 2012 before I take a nice well-earned vacation in December. Check out my publishing schedule through the end of 2013 here.

So that’s me in a nutshell. The writer me anyway. Thanks for coming to my website. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Shelfari. And please, if you like my books, tell your friends and family. Together, we can rule the world. Let’s bring those fae out of hiding!

I actually heard about Elle Casey from N.L. Dufour an indie writer who is working on publishing her first novel. She kept raving about how wonderful Casey’s War of the Fae series is so I decided to give it a try and loved it! (Although admittedly I did hit a bit of a speed bump in the second book of the series.) I reached out to her soon after ending the series to tell her how much I enjoyed it and wondering if she had plans to continue the story. Well, we emailed for a bit after that and I came to respect and care about her.

Some time after that I started my blog. I have a lot of moral support from family and friends but have learned not to accept or believe their opinions. I was sick of situations where I would ask for an opinion like, “How does this look?” They would respond and I would be overwhelmed with compliments about how great it looks. Then I turn around and change it and would then hear, “Thank God you changed it. It looked awful.” So after countless situations similar to this I desperately sought out an outside opinion. Don’t ask me why but I went to Casey knowing that she’s a published writer and super busy and asked for her help. I was hoping to get an honest and experienced opinion and that was exactly what I got! I feel that she completely went out of her way to help me and I feel so grateful to her. I felt the need to express my gratitude to her and abracadabra: Author Spotlight.

Casey’s books are exciting and funny and great reads. This month of October you guys will get a chance to learn that for yourselves and see what a great person Elle Casey is. So make sure to visit often and show her some support and love.


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