Book Review: Hologram

Title: Hologram

Author: Karen Marie Hart

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Blurb: Billy suspects that what killed his mother is not in this world, like the angels and demons that she sculpted, but he’s going to destroy it anyway.

My Review: Hologram: a ghost story– is this books description. Upon me seeing this I expected to find myself quaking with fear. Ghost stories are meant to inspire fear right? Well apparently not. Hart paints a world where although the ghost aren’t all daisies and roses it is a great narrative that does not leave you sleeping with all the lights on.

Let my try to give you a quick synopsis: There is a family of four whose mom dies tragically in what appears to be an accident. A year later the father remarries and the police reopen the investigation of the mother’s death because of new evidence. The story is being told from many different perspectives and the murder is being investigated by various parties. While all of this is going on this family’s home is being haunted by three ghosts. The residents are dealing with it all in their own ways while being completely oblivious to the investigations going on around them.

Hologram has a wide array of characters. Honestly, I found it to be confusing. At first I had a tough time keeping track of the characters and even sitting there staring into space trying to jog my memory I could not remember who they were. There were just too many character for my wee little brain to keep track of. However, I eventually came to love it. The wide array of characters allowed the reader to know what role everyone played, to know what was happening as the deed was being done and I was simply waiting for it to all come together. Does that sound dull to you? Well believe me it is quite the opposite. There is so much going on in this story and you’re getting it from all sides. It adds to the intrigue and there are plenty of well placed plot twists to keep the reader on his toes. I love all the conspiracies and the mystery that is a serious a part of this book.

On the beautiful morning of October 10th, is how every chapter starts. (*That date is not in the book. I’m simply using this date as an example and to advertise my birthday… 😉 ) I think I could of added to the story if I could of kept track of it… But I found it confusing. I would of preferred a simple “on the following morning” or something up that alley. I found myself skimming over dates or having to go back and forth to see the difference in time when I deemed it significant. It honestly took away from the book for me.

I definitely enjoyed reading Hologram and recommend it. It was mysterious, entertaining, intriguing and fun to read. It’s a ghost story that can be enjoyed by any/everyone.

My Favorite Quote: “They said I had a weak heart, but my heart has never failed me. I followed it and I found heaven on earth. I love you my dear family. And love lasts forever.”

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review


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