Book Review: Taking The Fall + Giveaway

Title: Taking the Fall

Author: Margaret Chatwin

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Synopsis: Karen Hill does not need a hero clad in shining armor! She has never been saved by anyone except herself, and the last thing she needs is Michael Tanner claiming he’s going to save her now. Save her from what? As far as she’s concerned, he’s the only thing she needs saving from! Under Cover Narcotics Officer Mike Tanner is accustomed to being patient. Waiting and watching to see how things will play out. During his latest case, he has discovered that SharShay Cosmetic Company is distributing a major amount of pure cocaine and that the owner of the company, Miss Hill, is oblivious to it all. He’s content to let it stay that way, until a naive comment she makes put her life – and his – in jeopardy.

My Review: I am sorely tempted to give a recap of the storyline but will do you the favor of not repeating the blurb in my own words. 🙂

Mike is a very sexy character. I’ll be honest and say that I found him physically attractive although I have no clue what so ever what his facial features are. I’m not sure if Chatwin simply didn’t put enough of an emphasis on it or if I was simply an unobservant reader. (I believe its the latter) But he had a very nice body. Haha, let’s say that is the understatement of the year. He is truly a very sexy character. But more than physically, he is pretty much the ideal man. He is caring, brave, strong, attentive, sensitive, protective, funny… I feel that if I finish the last sentence with a period and forgot some amazing feature, I wouldn’t be doing him justice. He is a character I seriously enjoyed reading about and getting to know. He was pretty much the highlight of the book for me. I found that if he was a part of a certain scene, I would enjoy that part of the book exponentially more. He was witty and fun and always a joy to see what he would do and say next.

Karen is someone who I didn’t care too much for as the story began. I found her to be naive, defensive, rude, self absorbed… However, as the story line progresses, she still tends to be these things but we not only begin to understand why she is that way but we also see another side to her. Once the reader gets to know Karen, she really is an alright person. Chatwin does a great job developing her character.

I loved seeing their romance take shape. They are a couple that truly compliment each other and are clearly meant for one another. They go through a few different stages and them fighting their attraction for one reason or the other and it was fun to watch. One of the things I enjoyed most is the chemistry they share. It is all PG-13. Although there is a bit of a steamy scene somewhere in there…

About three quarters into the book, there is a lull where the excitement and romance are considerably at ease. I still enjoyed this lull but after the fast pace, actions scenes and the pleasant romance I felt as if I was going through some sort of withdrawal. Not that these things weren’t present in the mentioned scenes, they were simply done at a slower pace.

Taking the Fall is a great read. It is witty, romantic (why does it always come down to this for me?), funny and definitely a book that will be enjoyed.

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

For a chance to win a free PDF copy of Margaret Chatwin’s novel Taking the Fall fill out the form below. Last day to enter is September 23, 2012.


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