September Author Spotlight

As many of you know, the Author Spotlight begins this month. I am very excited about this and hope that you will enjoy all that the Author Spotlight has to offer this month. So drumroll please. This month we will all enjoy the pleasure of getting to know and appreciating the work of:

Author Margaret Chatwin has called Roosevelt, Utah home for the past twelve years, but her roots are in the the beautiful Heber valley. Since the age of thirteen Margaret has been taking amazing adventures through her writing. Writing has always been very personal and private to her. Recently, however, she has chosen to share her talent with the world.

She has written over fifty novels, and currently has three published.

Margaret likes to “mix it up,” writing many different types of books within the fiction genre.

I had two reasons for wanting to start the Author Spotlight. One is Margaret Chatwin and the other you will meet next month, as she is our next spotlighted author.

Until recently I had no idea what an Indie Author was or how tough the plight of the self-published writer could be. I happened to of have picked up Margaret’s book 101 in Goodreads Shut Up & Read group for a Read it & Reap. This is a program where writers giveaway a limited number of books to readers in return for a review. By the time I was done reading it, I did my usual of stalking the author. I know that may sound extreme, but all I mean by that is that I like to know more about writer’s whose books I enjoy. I like to see what other books they have published and check out their blogs… Stuff like that. So yes this is the norm for me. So as I begin my background check on Margaret I found out what an indie writer is. I was already in love with her book and I felt a certain way about her the more I learned. What way you ask? I cared. I wanted to help this amazing writer who clearly wasn’t getting the proper amount of recognition for her book. At some point after reading her book I reached out to her and to be honest, helping her was one of the reasons I rushed to start my blog. She is someone I want the world to know about.

I have had a great time collaborating with Margaret to make this possible. If you are wondering what it is you can expect, here it is: Margaret has three published works, which will be featured this month. Every week one of these books will be reviewed and you, the reader, will have seven days to enter to win a free pdf copy of that book. That is until the last week of the month where Margaret will generously be giving a paperback copy of all three books to one lucky winner. Everyone will have a chance to enter. However, in trying something new the last giveaway will accompany a quiz in which every correct answer gives an additional entry to the entrant. The quiz will be limited to the posts pertaining to the Author Spotlight.


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