Unmade Bed

Soon after joining the blogging world I learned what memes are. If you already know what a meme is, go to the next paragraph and skip what you might find a boring definition. A meme as defined by dictionary.com is a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes. Let me be honest, when I first read this I still had no clue what the hell a meme was. So I went to a fellow blogger and asked. This is what Kayla said to me: “A meme is pretty hard to explain but it’s sort of like a video, image, or idea passed from one blogger to another. For instance, some popular meme’s are Waiting on Wednesday and Teaser Tuesday. Most blogs do participate in memes and I’m sure you can find them on just about any book blog.” Being that her words were what cleared it up for me, I hope it is enough for you to understand it too.

I found that there are A LOT of great meme’s out there in the blogging world. So I say to myself, “Tiffany, you can create your own meme’s.” So I embarked on a journey to be original. So when creativity struck I made a long list of possible meme’s. *Side note* While I was on this creative streak is also where I thought up my whole Author Spotlight. I even patted myself on the back for this spark of ingenuity. Until I one day decided to google it (I don’t remember why) and found out that it is as original as me saying I just invented electricity. *End of side note* So among that list was the idea for Unmade Bed. A weekly meme where I pay tribute to those impossible-to-put-down books that take over your life. The books that take you prisoner and don’t allow you to do anything productive with your day. The kind of books that are so addictive you call out of work just to finish reading it. (I know I’m not the only person to have done this.)

If you are still wondering what the hell my point is, bear with me. I recently had Dianne raise the question of “What is it about a story that keeps us turning pages and we can’t put it down until it’s finished?” I decided to attempt to discover this answer before I embark on my Unmade Bed meme.

Horror books tend to be an exception with me. As most of you know I am a first class, all the way and not afraid to admit it scary cat. When a book gets under my skin I become paranoid and if sleep finds me I am riddled by nightmares. Needless to say when I start reading certain books I HAVE to finish them. I am too much of a scary cat to live with the horror and suspense. I feel forced to read until a resolution is found.

Other books are a different story. What is it about a book that hooks the reader? I ask myself is it the storyline? Is it the characters themselves? The action? The recurring themes? All of the above?

Well all, feel free to disagree with me but I think I have found the answer. I believe the answer is in the storytelling. How many stories/authors use recycled ideas? Not even. How many novels tend to follow the same storyline and yet one flops and the other doesn’t? The same goes for characters and other characteristics that define a novel. So back to my answer, the difference is in the storytelling. I believe storytelling to be an art. An art that is made unique by the individual.

To give an art comparison: if 50 (random number) artist were told to draw a picture of a specific tree, no two pictures will be the same. Even while being given the same styled canvas to draw on, the same colors, the same types of brushes no two finished products would be the same. Because the brush strokes, the style, the je ne sais quoi- all together are unique to the individual.

So this is the point where I just realized that I’ve been ranting and will attempt to cut it short. Storytelling is an art. It is what makes every novel unique. It is the quality in a book that begs you to stay in bed all day just to finish it. A great author, an amazing storyteller is the cause of an Unmade Bed.


4 thoughts on “Unmade Bed

  1. We all like different stories. I have had friends tell me, “You just gotta read this book.” And of course I do. And sometimes I like and sometimes it is just so so.

    But I do think friends are a great source for new books to read.
    I rarely am taken by books on the Best Seller lists. Seems an author has one or two real good reads and then is bought just on the strength of past performance.

    I know I like a book when I am not speed reading or glancing at a page and moving to the next.
    I know I like a book when every word is meaningful and is important to the story. And if I read too fast or skim, I will miss something essential and will have to go back and find a little bit of text that explains the what and why.

    That is why I am so fond of Dickens and Thomas Hardy and George Eliot.

    • Thank you for the comment, mixedupmeme! I agree with you wholeheartedly. The best book recommendations I’ve received are from friends. Like you, I don’t always fall in love but it’s on a rare occasion I don’t enjoy the book.

      The way you describe what is like reading a book you enjoy is so spot on. I tend to fly through a book when I’m really into it. Then I have to go back and reread it because I missed something in my rush. In fact, I’ve been working on pacing myself.

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