How to Review

Before you make any assumptions, no this not a how to guide for reviewing books. It is simply a question I’ve been asking myself lately.

I’ve noticed the phases I’ve gone through in reviewing books. When I first started reviewing books, a few months ago, I was overly emotional and completely biased in my reviews. Where in hating the ending, for example, I would give the book a bad review. Very juvenile, I know. Which is why I then moved on to trying to simply and only state the facts. However, this led me to my next phase: very boring reviews. It was only recently (just a few days ago) that I realized that there is a median.

When I read reviews, I enjoy an honest opinion. Doesn’t everyone? But the make it or break it for me is a sense of personality in the writing. If I don’t find this I tend to get bored and tend to not finish reading it. Hence, I found my answer. Why can’t I leave my emotions out of my reviews but still instill a sense of me, of my personality.

The point of this post is simply a warning. Warning might be too harsh of a word as this is not a bad thing- I think. Point is you guys can expect to start seeing a difference in my reviews. Please be sure to leave feed back on my coming reviews that way I will know if I am on the right track.

Thank you in advance and I look forward to the feedback.


3 thoughts on “How to Review

  1. I think it is a very nice touch to add to the review. What I like about the point the article makes is, it still makes the review informal and a friendly advice rather than a technical portrayal. Very valid point 🙂

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