101 by Margaret Chatwin



How do you get desperately needed answers when no one is talking? Who do you trust in a place full of criminals, a place where it’s easy to mistake friends for enemies and enemies for friends? And how is it possible for one girl to seemingly vanish into thin air, especially when the place is surrounded by sixteen foot high electric fences?
When Trigg and his sister Ren are sentenced to township 101 for the crime of defending themselves, and Ren suddenly comes up missing, Trigg must ask himself these same questions.
Something else he’d like to know is, how do you survive when the flaws of the NAO’s justice system has turned a simple punishment into a game of life or death?

5 of 5 Stars

Ok, to put it simply, 101 was amazing. It is completely captivating from the start. The protagonist Trigg is so relatable and I found myself emotionally invested in the book.

I don’t usually like to give away the storyline but feel it’s necessary for reviewing this particular book. So here goes: Trigg and his sister Ren are sentenced unfairly to an NAO township (which reminded me of the holocaust style ghettos). Soon after arriving Ren vanishes and Trigg searches for her. Well this search takes up most of the book and it is compelling. Eventually he finds her. (In case you haven’t read the book and are wondering why this is a spoiler, well, it seemed pretty unlikely that Trigg would find Ren.) The story is so fast paced and at this point it seemed that there was nothing left to happen. I was expecting a clacker to appear and hear someone scream “cut!” End of book one and here’s the start of a series. Well it doesn’t happen that way. It turns out that there’s is still plenty to happen. Trigg looked for Ren with such single minded focus that I was left guessing after the jump, not sure what was next. The book is mostly that: a guessing game. I never knew what would happen next. The book ended very well. (Although I say that if Chatwin had chosen to start a series she could have easily gotten 3 books out of everything that happened in this one.)

The characters were pretty cool. Trigg is a weak person who finds strength in the need to act. I enjoyed seeing his character grow. He was relatable and endearing. I came to respect him and his strength. As much as I may like Trigg I have to admit that my favorite character was Pintar. He comes off as selfish and an asshole and although he’s blunt he’s still relatable. And at the end of the day has a pretty big heart. He provided me with a few good chuckles and it warmed my heart to see him thawing and become such a support system for Trigg.

The setting and storyline were completely believable, it was presented well and there was nothing that made me question the validity of it. I also wanted to say that I love the lack of curse words. The book is set in a tough environment and I expected to be bombarded with profanity. I was impressed with Chatwin setting such scenes and even with the dialogue without one bad word.

The book is amazing. It is impossible to put down with its action scenes and Trigg’s incredible story.

*I received a free copy of this book from the author to review


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